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Educational Workshops
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May 2023 Plant Stop Won't Stop will host a robust offering of houseplant educational workshops, with something for everyone from beginner to expert.


Schedule of the day:

12PM - Houseplants 101
This FREE session is great for total newbies and beginner houseplant enthusiasts.
In this course we will discuss houseplants and common misconceptions; including lighting, water, fertilizer requirements. We will dabble in soil and soil amendments and we will discuss techniques in which to care for your plants · Watering · Lighting requirements · Soil and soil health · Techniques to keep your plants alive


2PM - DIY Moss Poles

Cost: $15

This class will give you the basics to moss pole making and use. You will walk away with a moss pole and the knowledge and supplies to prop your plant up on a pole.

3PM - Terrariums!
Cost: $35
This class we will learn the basics of terrarium building. You’ll not only get to express your creativity by making your own terrarium using tropical plants, live mosses, and beautiful rocks; you’ll also learn the history, science, design and maintenance of a truly self-contained, low maintenance ecosystem.

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