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Rules & Guidelines

Please remember that this swap should be done in the holiday spirit of giving and building our plant community! Use this opportunity to connect with someone in the plant community.

Important Information:

  • The swap will be conducted using Elfster, see sign up links below.

  • There are 2 spending ranges ($25 & under, or $50+). Please do your best to include plants/items that stay within your spending range.

  • To swap your  gift, drop it off at the Plant Stop Wont Stop: Yule Love it on December 18th from 11am-12pm.

  • Gifts may include plants and any plant-related items.

  • Once swap partners are announced, you will be responsible for reaching out to your partner to discuss Wishlists and organize your swap.

Important Dates/Deadlines/ Rules

  • December 1st: Sign up deadline.

  • December 5th: Swap partners announced; Begin reaching out to your buddy!

  • December 18th: Planta Claus and his elves will be passing out your swap gifts to all the good little plant lovers.  We will have a table set up for pickup. 

  • You must be in attendance to receive your swap. We understand things happen, Please be sure to communicate with your swap partner and Dayna at if anything comes up.  

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