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Plant Swap Rules and Registration

We are happy to announce the opening of registration for the  PSWS Plant Swap, hosted by Serendipity Plants! Please read  the following carefully before registering. 


Two separate plant swap sessions will be held during the event:

12PM the $0-$50 session

4pm the $51+ session


Cost and Deadline

Plant Swap entry is FREE. The  deadline to register is May 1st, however we can only allow 200 participants per session and registration will be cut off when  that number is reached. Get registered to participate on Eventbrite

Plant Swap Rules 


  • Participants are highly encouraged to bring a 'donation' plant or cutting for our 'free' table. This will ensure no one leaves without a trade!

  • You may trade as many plants, cuttings, and seeds as you'd like at each time slot.

  • All plants brought to be traded must be healthy and  disease/pest free. Nobody wants your mealy bugs! 

  • Be on time! Check-in will start 45 minutes before each  session. 

  • Each session will be 1.5 hours long.

  • We highly suggest bringing something to carry your plants  in! 

  • Please place items that are not up for trade underneath the table.

  • Please do not touch or take plants without permission;   Anyone found in violation of this rule will  be escorted off premises.

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